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C-Channel Trailers Now Available!


C-Channel trailers are now available for our fishing boat range of trailers. A great option for those time poor wanting an Easy trailer to maintain. Specifically designed to suit your boat and manufactured with Easytow quality, strength, and reliability.


With sizes now released to suit 6.0 and 8.0M hulls, this range of new and innovative trailer design creates a weight saving...

With sizes now released to suit 6.0 and 8.0M hulls, this range of new and innovative trailer design creates a weight saving of over 20% in that crucial 3.5T towing category. Featuring Easytow's Drive-on Guidance System - designed to direct your boat towards the centre of the trailer, combined with a Wide Target Area for bringing your boat onto the trailer, this really raises the bar in Aluminium trailer market. Click here learn more about the standard features.

EZ Wheel Drop Down Spare Mount


Ideal for launching off the beach or river banks - and spare bearings and hub at your fingertips!...

Always wanted your spare wheel mounted on a hub or disc? Do you forget to carry a spare set of bearings on those trips when you should? This new spare wheel mount is your answer!!!

Coming with two sets of NSK bearings and a spare hub to suit your trailer, this wheel mount has been custom designed and also allows you to swing the wheel down for beach or bank launching. Obviously the size of your boat will determine whether this is possible for your particular situation, but for those requiring to push your trailer into areas you can’t back it in to, this is priceless! It is available on new trailer orders and also as a spare part, however on new trailer orders, we often extend the draw bar slightly to allow some extra room to mount it (check your garage for length!). If you purchase it a spare part, you should also be mindful of this.

New Black Highlights on 13″ Alloys


A subtle change to our 13” polished alloy rims puts us ahead of the competition once again!...

We have recently introduced a subtle change to our 13” polished alloy rims. Easytow introduced the all polished alloys years ago which are now common in the market so to keep moving forward, the new wheels have a subtle black background. This combined with fitting black wheel nuts, really lifts the boat/trailer package.

They are also available through our spare parts departments.

Easytow Fish/Sports Boat Trailer Owner’s Manual

Easytow Boat Trailers has recently introduced new and comprehensive Owner's Manuals for Fish/Sports boat trailers...

Each version of the Owner's Manual covers items specifically related to the different styles of trailers whilst also including some general trailer information. The Manuals contain information relating to:

  • Before Journey Checklists
  • After Journey Checklists
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Chassis
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Wheels Bearings
  • Tyres
  • Couplings
  • Jockey Wheels
  • Winch
  • Lights
  • Weight Distribution
  • Service Logs

Depending on how you purchase your new trailer, you local boat dealer or boat manufacturer has access to these manuals, or they can now be accessed via our 'Downloads' page at anytime.

Deluxe F2 Jockey Wheel on 3.4T & 4.0T Trailers


Easytow Boat Trailers are now running the F2 Fulton Jockey Wheel as standard equipment on our 3400kg and 4000kgs GTM Fish and Spor...

Featuring an adjustable height pivot point (which allows customised travel), alloy inner and outer tubes, handle retaining clip, large 8” x 3” rolling wheel and a 725kg lift capacity; this Jack is one of the best on the market and is a great match for our custom trailers.

The F2 Jack is also available as an upgrade on all of our new build trailers and the adjustable pivot point may be the difference in just getting your boat under that roller door! It is also available form our spare parts department.