Premium custom trailers


Established in 1965, Easytow Boat Trailers is one of the oldest boat trailer manufactures in Australia. Located in Heathcote, about an hour north of Melbourne, we pride ourselves on not cutting corners and manufacturing trailers the way we would buy them ourselves. Being a household name in ski boat trailers, most people are unaware we manufacture a full range of fishing and sport trailers, and other specialty trailers such as slip and cat trailers.

Established in
Easytow Boat Trailers

Mission Statement

We want to be the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of boat trailers producing high quality, reliable and attractive trailers in which their owners and we can be proud. Besides pride in our trailers we strive to create a work environment that is clean, modern and efficient – an environment in which our people can work safely and productively.

Easytow Boat Trailers is proudly Australian Owned and made.

Each and every Easytow Boat Trailer is custom built to suit a specific hull. We design the boat to sit low as possible in the trailer, not only for launching, retrieving, and towing benefits, but also storage constraints and looks. The trailer frame itself is designed around the deadrise of the hull and the adjustable components are kept to the minimum; we feel the more adjustment in the set up, the more room for error or trailers coming out of adjustment resulting in frustrated customers. Being of a custom nature, we pride ourselves on the options we offer – from the basics such as guide poles, to the flashy stainless steel guards and aluminum checker plate.