Premium custom trailers


Stephen, NSW

I choose Easytow trailer for our ski boat as we had previously owned ski boats with Easytow trailers. We have never had any problems with the trailers

The trailer is well designed & built and looks good. We have no problems when launching and retrieving the boat. The trailer when on the road is easy to tow. They are value for money when considering the value of your ski boat! I would recommend an Easytow trailer to anyone considering a trailer for their ski boat or any boat.

Ashley, South Australia

I have recently purchased a custom made Easytow trailer for my new boat. I had seen other Easytow trailers at the ramp I most regularly launch from, and spoken to those owners about the product

They could not speak highly enough of their trailers. The great look of the trailer along with the features, and the positive word of mouth from current owners, made choosing an Easytow trailer an easy choice. I purchased a new boat to suit the needs of my young family, and intend to keep it long term, which is why I wanted a quality trailer as part of that investment that would last for a long time, as well as for the safety for my family, having a trailer with top quality design and manufacture when towing and launching. Launching and retrieving the boat is hassle free with the Easytow trailer, and other boat users are always commenting on the trailer and asking me questions about it. I definitely recommend Easytow to them. The customer service that I received from Easytow staff when the trailer was being built was second to none, and they ensured on-time delivery to coincide with the construction of our boat, and kept me up to date with the progress along the way.  I believe it is imperative to support local companies such as Easytow who provide great products without cutting corners or jeopardising quality or design. Easytow represents great value for money, and having experienced that, I would never even consider buying an inferior imported trailer, which may initially be slightly cheaper, but in the long run would be more expensive as it certainly wouldn’t last, and most importantly may compromise both quality and safety.

Graeme, Victoria

After taking two years to build my custom wooden speed boat, it was time to find a trailer to fit under it. So which trailer?

I started by looking around boat ramps. Looking at the different trailers and the quality of the builds, it was clear to me that an Easytow trailer was of the best quality, but could they build me a custom trailer to fit my boat so I checked  on the internet and made a phone call.  The answer was yes. After getting a quote and sending some basic drawings of the boat to them, the trailer was started. Four weeks later it was ready. After getting the trailer home and getting the 20ft wooden speed boat from the building cradle to the trailer, to my surprise it was almost a perfect fit. With some very minor adjustments to the adjustable runner’s it was the perfect fit. Now I have launched and retrieved the boat a couple of times it is so easy that I can do it on my own and what a great trailer it is to tow. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending an Easytow trailer to anyone and especially if you want quality and your boat is just that little bit different as mine was.

Mike, Victoria

I am a commercial operator in the Victorian Abalone industry with over 40 years of experience in the launching and retrieval of boats often in very difficult beach launching situations.

We have found our easytow trailer to be far superior to other trailers we have used over the years especially during the retrieval process.

This is due to the fact the trailer is custom made and is of robust construction.

Other trailers we have used have had to be strengthened and modified post purchase in order to meet the demands of our operation.

We have had no such issues with easytow

Robert, NSW

I had purchased a boat, motor and trailer package from a large dealer and thought I was buying a good quality package. I do many hours of driving up and down the east coast fishing the South Coast of NSW.

Each trip I made I always had some form of issue with my boat trailer, either bearings, blowouts, cracks in the structure and almost impossible to drive my boat straight onto the trailer. It got to a point where I just did not trust the trailer anymore.

A quick visit to Easytow proved that the trailer I had just did not suit my boat.

The experienced and friendly staff explained my problems and recommended a solution.

Two weeks later and my boat was sitting pretty and a brand new specifically constructed Easytow Boat Trailer.

15 months later and more than 20,000km on the road and I have not had one bit of a problem.

The trailer has been flawless and a dream to tow. I even have my young son driving the boat onto the trailer without even the slightest of problems.

I could not recommend Easytow Boat Trailer anymore… they will not let you down.

Thank You Easytow !!!

Scott, QLD

I had our first Easy Tow trailer custom built to tow our boat at the time – a Quintrex Hornet 475 to Weipa Qld – From Cooma in NSW

The 560+ kilometres of dirt between Lakeland Downs and Weipa Qld is regarded by most who have done it as one of the toughest trips you can embark on with a boat in tow.

We also did our trip only weeks after severe tropical cyclone Ingrid had gone through. Our Easy Tow did that trip without any trouble at all and is still under that boat today.

Our second easy tow carried our Skeeter ZX 22V bay boat at almost 2 tonnes faultlessly for the few years we owned it and I looked as good as it performed. Our current Easy Tow was again custom built to carry our fabulous Haines Signature 485 SF. The carpeted skid design and low profile makes for effortless launching & retrieving under any conditions as well as being able to drive on & off in relatively shallow water.

Your boat trailer carries your investment. I just cannot understand why anyone looks to cut corners on a trailer – it is false economy! You may spend a few more dollars on an Easy Tow – but it will be built like no other to provide you with years of carefree trailering.

I won’t have any other brand under my boats!

Scott 'Scotto' Mitchell

Tony, ACT

I have an older Ramsay inboard that came with a free “trailer”. A year after I bought it, it snapped at the drawbar, leaving the boat stranded at Burrinjuck dam. I started looking for a second hand trailer and found they only come with second hand boats. I then started asking who makes the best boat trailers

Easytow was recommended by 1 in 4 people I spoke to and Lewis, my favourite boats, use them to supply trailers. I made the call and the rest was easy. They sent forms for me to detail the exact measurements for the boat and old trailer. I sent these through and they contacted me because I had it wrong. I checked against the photos I took and rang up saying “I reckon it should be 5.22m”. I was told, politely and firmly, that I had to go measure again or they couldn’t proceed. Given I was 700kms away and they were building a trailer sight unseen, fair enough. They weren’t going to build something that they weren’t completely sure was correct, not their business model. Once I had my homework complete and correct they built the trailer. It turned out they were able to tell me exactly what the hull was and had built for that boat in the past.

I nervously took delivery and went to collect the boat which was still parked at someone’s hut at Burrinjuck (that’s water skiing for you; there is always someone there to help). Would it fit? Result, perfect!! The old girl slides on perfectly, the rig tows brilliantly, the disc brakes made a massive difference to safety. It made me realise that I was probably taking some serious risks with the previous rust riddled trailer. We now look like we know what we are doing with a real trailer.

To be honest I wasn’t surprised that it worked so well given the degree of careful engineering that went into the specification of the trailer. Its well built, suits the boat and was fantastic outcome. The Easytow people on the phone and email were professional and sensible. The price was fair for the quality product I received. If you use someone else you better be sure they know as much or more than Easytow, boat trailers are dangerous things to get wrong. Thanks Easytow