Premium custom trailers


Are there any advantages by ordering paint over galvanised as opposed to straight galvanised apart from looks?

Yes. Most people think that paint over galv is purely cosmetic. Although it does look great and is a very popular option it can up to double the service life of a trailer.

Can I by a multi-adjusting fishing boat trailer off you?

Some of our smaller Fish/Sports trailers have more adjustment than others but generally speaking, we custom build everything. We keep the adjustable parts to a minimum and design the trailer so the boat sits as low as possible (amongst other things). Look at the Easytow Advantage page for more details.

How do Bearing Buddies Work? Are they all the same?

Bearing Buddies work by providing a small amount of positive pressure in the hub the nullifies the sucking action that can be created when a warm hub goes in cold water. There are numerous 'Bearing Protectors' on the market, often very cheap. That said, the majority are only chrome plated and simply don't go the disctance.

Easytow fits the Genuine Bearing Buddy, and even better, only the Stainless Steel model.

How much weight should be on the drawbar?

There is no set rule in relation to this however industry standards say between 5-10% of the total package weight should be on the drawbar. The tow vehicle may also have a maximum tow ball weight which should also be taken into consideration.

The area of setting up your tow vehicle is often given little attention. To assist the Owner's of Easytow Trailers in this area, we have developed a Tow Vehicle Set Up Guide which can be found in the Downloads section of this site.

How often should I service my trailer?

The more the better. Boat trailers generally have a pretty hard life and the more maintenance you can give them, the longer you should be trouble free. We provide a suggested service log in our USER GUIDES which are now also available online under the Downloads page.

I am purchasing an Easytow with Breakaway Brakes, what brake controller do I need fitted to my vehicle?

Any pendulum based brake controller should be compatible with Dexter Brakes. We stock and sell a Dexter brand. You need to ensure that the wiring to the trailer is not only wired correctly, but to the correct gauge as voltage drop from undersized wiring can affect braking performance. More technical information can be found on our downloads page - both general wiring and Dexter specific wiring requirements.

I have certain storage constraints. Can you accommodate me?

One of our strengths is that we custom build. We would endeavour in every way to meet your needs in terms of storage constraints, whether it be a removable drawbar, narrower frame, lower overall height etc.

I only use my ski boat in freshwater, is a painted trailer the way to go?

Yes – and no. Easytow does offer a ‘Painted Only’ trailer for freshwater use; however we do suggest you consider the paint over galvanised option. Not only does it provide you with a more robust product, it also increases your resale market as most ski boats in NSW and QLD are used in salt or brackish water.

My boat weighs 1550kgs fully loaded, will a trailer with a GTM of 1600kgs suit?

No. This is a common mistake but the trailer MUST also be to carry its own weight (the tare). If the load weighs 1550kgs, and the trailer model weighs 500kgs, you need a capacity to cover the 2050kgs total. In this example a trailer with breakaway brakes is required by law and in our range we do numerous models with a GTM rating of 2300kgs which would be the correct selection. You could even opt for more capacity if desired.

Stainless Steel Calipers with Breakaway brakes... When do I need them?

All Easytow Ski Trailers with Breakaway brakes (GTM over 2000kgs) are packaged up with a high quality Dacroment Caliper as part of their standard build. Whilst they are a very good caliper, we strongly recommend you consider the Stainless Steel Caliper Upgrade. These calipers have a full Stainless Steel body and will require a lot less maintenance throughout their life. If you use your trailer in Salt or Brackish Water, these Stainless Calipers are what we recommend. Stainless Steel Calipers are standard with breakaway brakes on our Fishing Boat Trailer range.

We used to fit Dura Hub bearing protectors... Aren’t they oil bath bearings?

No. When Dura Hub was first launched in Australia, it was the oil model. Until they ceased production in late 2013, we use the Dura Hub Extreme which is the grease model (note the plug in the housing is actually for the oil model and is not relevant to your Easytow trailer) . This product is maintenance free and was been fantastic. The rubber diaphragm on the Dura Hub allows the internal pressure to increase and decrease minimising the sucking action that normally draws water into the hub that causes bearing failure. The clear Perspex looking glass allows a quick visual check on whether you have moisture in your hubs – something other bearing protectors can’t offer.

What do I need to consider in relation to the carrying capacity?

Everything you can think of. You must add up the weight of the boat, maximum motor or transom weight, fuel capacity and trailer weight. You must also allow for extra gear in the boat including any extra batteries, auxiliary motors, personal belongings, stereos etc. We build high quality trailers but they are weight rated. If they are overloaded to try and save some money initially, it will cost you more in the end. Please be as transparent as possible when buying your trailer or boat/motor/trailer package from a dealer so we can increase the carrying capacity while manufacturing the trailer if required.

What is a GTM?

GTM stands for Gross Trailer Mass. Numerous different acronyms are used in relation to trailer weights however their meanings do differ. GTM relates to the carrying capacity of the trailer in terms of what weight is transferred into the ground when hooked up to the towing vehicle. This is different to ATM (Aggregate Trailer Mass); however the figures can be the same.

Our Tow Vehicle Set Up Guide explains this (and other areas of towing ratings) and can be found in the Downloads section.

What stud pattern is my trailer?

As we custom build, the stud pattern may vary depending on who initially ordered the trailer. You will find you stud pattern will be labelled on your VIN plate on the drawbar.

Generally speaking, trailers manufactured after 2010 are Ford stud pattern but this should be confirmed as customisation still occurs to this day. Our Fish/Sports trailers with a GTM over 3000kgs have a heavy duty 6 stud pattern, commonly referred to as Land-cruiser.

What type of bearings does Easytow use?

Easytow uses only high quality Japanese NSK Bearings and 2 part marine seals. You will find a sticker on your winch post that identifies your specific bearing number.

When does my trailer require brakes?

Any trailer under 750kgs doesn’t require brakes. Above 750kgs up to 2000kgs an effective override brake system is required by law as a minimum to one axle. Anything over 2000kgs, breakaway brakes must be fitted to all wheels. Once again, we recommend that you are as transparent as possible with your dealer as this is only a guide and specific situations may require brake upgrades regardless of the minimum legal requirement.