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Rolled Guards – Sleek Steps…

Once again, the new year of 2011 sees the range of Ski/Wake trailers move forward.

This year we are pleased to announce new stylish Rolled Round Guards standard across the range*. The great thing about these guards is they have a tighter radius than the previous guards providing a cleaner, neater look when matched with both the 15” and 17” Easytow Alloy Wheels. The steps have had a revamp too. This, combined with the new ‘Clear Lens’ LED lights and optional non-slip diamond matting, makes the 2011 line up the perfect match for your new or existing boat.

*Due to some certain boats’ requirements, the round guards are standard on the vast majority of trailers, but not available on 100% of them. If in doubt, please speak to your dealer or contact us.

Easytow Ski/Wake Boat Trailer Owner’s Manual

Easytow Boat Trailers has recently introduced new and comprehensive Owner's Manuals for Ski/Wake boat trailers...

Each version of the Owner's Manual covers items specifically related to the different styles of trailers whilst also including some general trailer information. The Manuals contain information relating to:

  • Before Journey Checklists
  • After Journey Checklists
  • Regular Maintenance
  • Chassis
  • Axles
  • Brakes
  • Wheels Bearings
  • Tyres
  • Couplings
  • Jockey Wheels
  • Winch
  • Lights
  • Weight Distribution
  • Service Logs

Depending on how you purchase your new trailer, you local boat dealer or boat manufacturer has access to these manuals, or they can now be accessed via our 'Downloads' page at anytime.

New Clear Lens LED


Easytow introduces a fresh new look with the upgrade to these slick new Clear Lens LED lights....

We are always moving forward trying to provide not only a trailer that works well, but it also must look the part.

Effective immediately we have introduced a new look ‘Clear Lens’ LED Light across the total range of Ski/Wake and Sport/Fish trailers. The old style LED Light served us well over the years, but the ‘Clear Lens’ version really provides a fresh new look to the rear of the trailer. Working closely with the light manufacturer, this light will be exclusive to Easytow for a period of time. The light is also available as a spare part and can be retro-fitted to existing trailers to also achieve that new look.

New Brochures Now Online

We have just released updated brochures for both the Ski/Wake Series and Sports/Fish Series of Trailers...

Trying to communicate the ins and outs of a custom built trailer can sometimes be quite complicated – however these brochures are a step in the right direction. Covering things like the different model types, designs, capacities, standard inclusions and optional upgrades - you can check them out now via our downloads page.

Please keep in mind, as we custom build, all information is somewhat generic in nature.


Tow vehicles vary in capacities and attributes and these variances must be taken into consideration when towing trailers....

This Manual outlines the steps to follow to ensure your vehicle is set up correctly and how failure to correctly set up your towing package can negatively affect your towing performance. It can be downloaded from the PDF icon on the left, or it is also found in our Downloads Section.